Find out about one of the most sensational entertainers that Atlantic City, Las Vegas and New York has discovered.



Holly Faris always had a gift for impersonation. It all started with doing impressions of relatives and homeroom teachers that were characters in their own right. As Holly readily admits, "I used to get hit for it, now I get paid for it." Holly has come a long way since then, appearing in showrooms across the country, from Las Vegas to Atlantic City. She performed extensively in the Caribbean, appearing in a show there for two years and cutting two records as Tina Turner in Papiamento, the native dialect. Her style and success had locals dubbing her as the Tina Turner of Aruba. Holly then moved onto Greece for three months after being cast in a revue with Ana Visi, one of the countries' top pop stars. After returning from Europe, Holly pursued a career in standup comedy, utilizing it as vehicle to showcase her repertoire of impressions.



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