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Holly is now a Hillary Impersonator!

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Hard To Beat Obama came to me while having lunch at The Hilton in Atlantic City with my talented fellow celebrity impersonator Marva Scott and my equally talented cinematographer and director, Marco Antonio.

I wanted to write a short skit about Hillary and her struggle to win the Democratic nomination over Barack Obama. I knew I was going to add Hillary to my list of 20 plus celebrity impersonations. I felt had had the guts and hips for it (well…almost!).

Hard_To_Beat_Obama_VideoI started hearing the Donna Summer song in my head, “She Works Hard For The Money” and I figured it would make a good parody.

After the song, I wrote the script over breakfast one morning. I’m Jewish and it goes without saying that all great ideas are born around food! Marva was on board to sing the song, along with the music man, Howard “Stro” Stroman. I enlisted the help of another buddy, Alex Adams, a dead on Rudy Giuliani impersonator. With permission from Moonstruck on 2nd in Manhattan, we camped out and filmed (also enjoyed an awesome meal!) in one day, finishing the editing by 10:30 PM! Hope it gives viewers a big laugh and takes some of the tension out of this race (um, no pun intended…)!
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